2021 Women’s Jeans Trends to Add to Your Wardrobe


No matter how much you love your skirts, dresses, and shorts, there is no denying that jeans will forever be a staple in the wardrobe. Fashion may evolve over time, and trends may change every season, but jeans will always be a classic piece that you will see people wearing. While you may already have some favourites, whether it be a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans or a mom jean, it can be fun to experiment with other styles and cuts.

This 2021, women’s jeans will continue to be a wardrobe essential, so expect to see them in your favourite stores and racks. With that said, the trends still continue to change every year, so if 2020 featured ripped jeans and cropped styles, 2021 has something new to offer. Check out some of the top jeans trends this year to get some fashion inspiration that will convince you to go shopping for some new pairs!

Loose Jeans

While skinny jeans remain a classic, 2021 is bringing more loose jeans to the spotlight. Baggy styles with utility details and unique designs like ankle buckles will certainly bring a new look to your outfit. This chic style is sure to be a favourite for street style lovers since the baggy fit pairs easily with basics like crop tops to create an effortlessly flattering appeal. Without a doubt, relaxed fits will be dominating the ariat jeans australia trends this year.

Straight Fit

Not yet ready to move to wide leg jeans, but want to try something other than skinnies? If so, the straight-leg styles will surely appeal to you. These have been a trend for a long time now, and this year is no exception. Straight fit jeans continue to be one of the most popular styles among fashion brands. The classic vintage straight-leg jeans will still be a must-have denim piece for its timelessness and versatility. If you have yet to get a pair, now may be the time to explore new women’s jeans.

Bootcut Jeans

You may still see flared jeans here and there, but this year is all about the 90s bootcut jeans. They have a slimmer fit that give off a sleek and sophisticated look. The slight flare at the bottom is just enough to add style, and it goes extremely well with some ankle boots, mules, or even heels. Going from skinny to wide-leg jeans may seem daunting to many, so the slim bootcut style is the perfect compromise to get you acquainted with the style.

Distressed Jeans

Looking for that casual, laidback, and effortless look? If so, distressed jeans are the perfect addition to your wardrobe this year. Loose-fit ripped jeans are sure to be a highlight because of the “grunge” appeal that they offer. To elevate your outfit, pair your distressed jeans with a more sophisticated top like a high neck blouse or a cardigan to create a balance between casual and sophisticated.


The 70s patchwork trend appears to be making a comeback this year, especially with denim bottoms! Jeans are no exception as you will find a wide selection of styles with unique patchwork to create a unique and chic look. One way to pull off the look is by going for a more modern cut, such as a slim bootcut or straight-leg, to achieve balance. With this pair, you can scale back on the style for your other wardrobe pieces to keep the attention on your jeans.

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