2021 IPO Watch: Check Out the List of New IPOs in India


Zomato was the most awaited IPO that was recently available. If you missed out on the opportunity, you might be wondering how you don’t miss out on such opportunities again. IIFL Securities provides complete information regarding upcoming new IPOs.

An IPO or an initial public offering occurs when a company decides to go public, in short making their shares available in the Share Market. An IPO of a company you believe in can be a good opportunity for you to be an investor. A company opts to go for an IPO when they are in need of funds for a new project or are planning an expansion. They provide shares of huge value letting you become a part of the company. You can purchase these shares if you believe in their fundamental values.

It’s the right opportunity for you to get your hand on any specific company’s shares you’ve been waiting for. They also provide a whole lot comprising a certain number of shares. The lot size changes depending on the company that issues the shares. It could be difficult at times for you to get a company shares you believe in.

There are tactics you can use to ensure you get Shares. Open multiple Demat and trading accounts and apply from all these accounts. IIFL Securities has a dedicated service for IPOs, that provides complete information regarding the company that’s issuing the IPO, along with a few financial statistics of the company.

Their upcoming IPOs sections provide all the information you’ll need. They provide information like

  1. Issue Type
  2. Issue (Lot) Size
  3. Open Date
  4. Close Date
  5. Offer Price
  6. Min Bid Qty
  7. Max Bid Qty

Along with the information on the current IPOs available, they also provide information for upcoming IPOs. You can be prepared for all the new IPOs that are going to be issued. You can ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the companies you believe in or use on a regular basis. There’s information on the performance of recent IPOs too, helping you to keep a track of how they performed. There’s a detailed report of the companies and performance of their share price.

You can open a Demat account and trading account with IIFL and apply for all these IPOs so you don’t miss out on IPOs. They help you apply for IPOs so you can get a lot of shares allotted to you. IIFL Securities has an award-winning research team which is at your service. They provide adept research about the company ensuring they have sound financials. They provide information like future prospects, any loans and any expansion plans that the company has. This will help you make a firm decision to apply for the IPO so that you don’t miss out on these great opportunities. They even provide personalized support. In case you face any difficulty or don’t understand anything they are ever-willing to help you.

IIFL Securities provides a great opportunity so that you don’t miss out on new IPOs.

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