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Any organization, no matter how perfect it is, at some point requires serious changes. This is the case of «Barcelona» at this moment. After all, due to the sensational transfer of Lionel Messi to «PSG», many fans didn’t notice that another star player had left the Catalan club. Frenchman Antoine Griezmann returned to «Atletico Madrid» in the summer of 2021. On a loan so far. Many experts believe that the forward showed his best football at the capital club. Therefore, the likelihood of his return to Barça is quite doubtful. 1xBet login will give the opportunity to conclude bets on all La Liga matches in which Griezmann participates.

If analyzing the player’s career at both clubs, he scored in every second match for the «Mattresses», when for the «Blaugrana» this figure increased to three matches. In many matches it was noticeable that the player simply could not find his place on the field. It is quite real that this was also hindered by his star colleagues in the team, not allowing him to fully show himself. 

By performing login 1xBet, for example, it is possible to find out that Griezmann is once again listed as one of the favorites in the scoring race of forwards. The extremely talented Frenchman is likely to restart his career and once again become the leader of both the club and the French national team.

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Reading the Spanish press, the decision to move to Madrid is due to the departure of Lionel Messi from the team. Probably Griezmann himself, as well as most experts, are convinced that without the best footballer in the world this team will not be able to show even half of what it did with him. 1xBet Singapore provides, among other aspects, match broadcasts and therefore it is possible to analyze this situation while watching the matches.

The following aspects may not allow the Frenchman to show world-class football again:

  1. Age. Despite everything, he is already 30 years old. Of course, Zlatan Ibrahimović proves that you can be a star even at the age of over 35, but let’s not forget that he performs other tasks on the field.
  2. «Atletico» already has its own leader who joined from «Barcelona» last season. Antoine could once again face the problem of being overshadowed by a more talented teammate.
  3. The role of a rented player is not to everyone’s liking. It is possible that the Frenchman perceives the situation from the side that the Catalans needed to decrease their expenses.

One thing is sure, the new season of La Liga promises to be interesting and therefore 1xBet in Singapore will offer some interesting propositions for sports fans.

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