16 V-Day Activities That Will Have Them Swooning


Looking for some fun Valentine’s Day activities that will make your partner swoon? Check out these ideas that are sure to make this Valentine’s Day the best yet!

  • Eat Breakfast in Bed: Cook your partner a delicious breakfast spread and then serve it to them in bed! You can arrange the food into heart shapes or use molds and stencils to make all the items Valentine’s Day themed. Pick up some themed cutlery to really go the extra mile! 
  • Exchange Gifts: It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day if you didn’t get your partner a gift to show him how much you love him! There are plenty of unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him out there to choose from that will show him how much you pay attention to his likes and dislikes. 
  • Have a Movie Marathon: Do you both have a favorite movie series? Stream them all day and cuddle up on the couch with popcorn and candy. If you want to keep things romantic, stream some classic romantic comedies. 
  • Write a Letter: One of the most romantic things you can do on Valentine’s Day is to deliver a handwritten love letter to your partner. You can write about a sweet memory, the time you knew she was the one or what you were thinking during your first date. Accompany it with a carefully picked personalized Valentine’s gift, such as a necklace, to really hit it out of the park. 
  • Recreate the Moments: Pick one of your favorite dates and recreate it this Valentine’s Day! Your partner will be so excited you remembered. Bonus points if you both wear the clothes you wore on that date, too (if you still have them). 
  • Relax in a Bubble Bath: Light some candles, fill the bathtub with hot water and rose petals and enjoy a relaxing evening with your partner in the tub! Don’t forget the champagne and chocolates to enjoy while you relax in the warm water. 
  • Cook Together: Create either a favorite dish or a new one in the kitchen together. Whether it’s dessert or brunch, pick a dish that will allow you to split the work evenly and enjoy each other’s company together. Not the best cooks? Take an online cooking class together instead! It’s a great way to pick up some new skills and also prevent setting the house on fire. 
  • Have a Spa Day: Take advantage of the day together and create a spa day for you and your partner! You can create a spa day at home by purchasing some massage oils and turning your bedroom into a spa retreat. Have some warmed towels and a fluffy robe available for your partner to relax in while you massage them. 

  • Cuddle with a Bottle of Wine: If chill nights are more up your alley, there’s nothing wrong with relaxing on the couch with a bottle of wine! Create a no-distractions environment by leaving your phones in the bedroom and not looking at them until the next morning. That way, you can be focused on each other rather than everyone else’s Valentine’s Day dates. 
  • Make Something Together: Attend a wine-and-paint night or another DIY workshop, like a pottery class! That way, you’ll have pieces of art you created together to hang in your house or give as gifts to family and friends. You get the chance to create individual pieces of art together. Do you both have a competitive streak? Make bets based on whoever finishes their project first! 
  • Visit Your Favorites: Make a future plan to visit your favorite places (once it is safe to do so). Take the day and plan a visit to all of your partner’s favorites–favorite restaurant, favorite store, favorite coffee shop. Take stock of the places they frequent most and make a day of it!
  • Have a Tasting: Spend a (safe) evening at a wine-tasting room! The staff is typically experienced in wine pairings, and you could even see if they would allow you to bring chocolate in to sample with the wine (or see if they have any on hand!). Then, take a bottle you both enjoyed home to share later in the evening.  
  • Make a Pillow Fort: Looking for a cute, romantic reminder of childhood? Create a pillow fort in your living room! String some LED fairy lights to add some ambiance, and don’t forget the laptop to stream some television shows or a romantic movie. Spend the night curled up under blankets and pillows with your favorite person. 
  • Do an Escape Challenge: Go to your local escape room (make sure they are sanitizing everything) and work together to crack the code! Escape rooms are perfect for date night because they force you and your partner to work together to complete a challenge–just like being in a relationship, right? There are typically different room themes you can choose from, so pick one together that you think you can complete. 

When planning your Valentine’s Day activities, try not to stress. Your partner will just be glad you thought to do something romantic with them on the holiday. If you’re really worried about whether or not your partner will enjoy the activities, consult them! Not everything romantic has to be a surprise. You know your partner best, so trust your instincts.

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