12 Pandemic-Inspired Holiday Gifts Everyone Will Love


With greater anxiety levels around the current pandemic and more individuals having to isolate away from friends and family, it’s been an incredibly difficult year for many. And while the holidays might look a little different and a bit more distanced this holiday season, you can still spread some cheer with thoughtful gifts for the people you care about. Here are 12 pandemic-inspired gifts your family and friends are sure to love. 

1. Loungewear for Working at Home

With increasingly more people working from home due to the pandemic, one of the better things to come about in 2020 was the relaxed dress code. Instead of having to raid the closet for a suitable business casual outfit for the office, many have enjoyed wearing their favorite loungewear from the comfort of home. For friends and family who prefer to stay cozy—until they have to change for that video conference call—give them the gift of comfort with warm, fleece loungewear.

2. Calming Candles

Pandemic anxiety is no joke, and this year has likely had your friends and family feeling a little more on edge than usual. You can offer them a sense of calm by giving soothing candles with enjoyable scents and uplifting messages to help add a little tranquility and cheer to their day. 

3. Cozy Blankets

For those weighty or sleepy days when you know someone could use a low-key lounging session, blankets are a snug and welcomed gift. From soft fleece throws to faux fur blankets, there’s a warm and comfy option for everyone. Or, if you know an adventurer who loves spending time outside, consider a water-resistant picnic blanket

4. Personal Care Items

In stressful times, it’s more important than ever to look after yourself. If you know family and friends who could benefit from a little more self-care, personal care gifts are a thoughtful way to encourage them to look after their health and wellbeing. From relaxing heating pads and massagers to rejuvenating face masks and daily pill boxes with inspiring messages, there’s no shortage of kindhearted presents you can give this holiday season to help support the wellbeing of the people that matter to you most. 

5. Stationery and Greeting Cards

In a time when we don’t get to see our friends and family as much, receiving cards, letters, and other items in our mailbox mean that much more. Pass on the gift of connectedness by gifting stationery or greeting cards that others can use to stay in touch with the people they care about. 

6. Fun Games

With many of us spending more and more time at home, it’s essential to have fun and creative outlets to enjoy. Especially for those with little ones at home, having stimulating and fun games and activities on hand is essential. Help spread enjoyment and learning with simple fun and games like playing cards, puzzles, crafts, or a little box of questions to inspire conversation and make lasting memories. 

7. Wall Calendar

The people you care about are undoubtedly looking forward to the new year and resuming more normal activities and travel. Help them look ahead with optimism by giving a wall calendar. These convenient gifts can help them stay organized and plan for a productive and fun-filled year while offering artful sentiments they can enjoy each day.

8. Gift Boxes

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for someone on your list or can’t settle on just one item for your friends and family, don’t! Gift boxes are an effortless way to give thoughtful keepsakes that anyone will love. You can provide quarantine-themed gift boxes with all the sanitizing essentials or a comfort care package with assorted snacks and soothing candles. Whichever route you go, it’s sure to be appreciated.  

9. Thoughtful Trinkets

It’s likely a lot of the people on your guest list could use a little less worry and a little more luck this holiday season and beyond. There are plenty of thoughtful trinkets and tokens that you can give them that offer helpful and happy sentiments. 

For instance, worry dolls, which are hand-crafted dolls that originated from Guatemala, are made with the intent to “catch” your worries. Legend has it that you can whisper your fears to these little dolls before you go to bed, place them under your pillow, and, when you awake, your worries will be gone. This can be an especially comforting gift for children. Other meaningful trinkets that can offer comfort and encouragement to your loved ones include lucky charms, blessing bells, and unique crystals.

10. Plant Holders

Nothing breathes life into a space quite like plants or flowers. If you have plant lovers on your guest list this holiday season, surprise them with planters to hold their favorite plants or even pens and painting supplies. From hanging to potted plants, there are plenty of beautifully crafted artisan planters you can give to your green-thumbed friends. These are also the perfect gift to spark some joy in someone’s life who can’t regularly get out of the house to enjoy greenery due to the pandemic.

11. Car Accessories

Due to restrictions around the pandemic and being required to stay home more, your friends and family are likely not driving as much. For those who like to get out of the house now and then to enjoy a scenic drive, buy them colorful car magnets, tassels, and more to spruce up their car’s interior. There’s also great organization options like cup holder organizers or phone holders to help friends and family keep things tidy and accessible as they commute to and from work or school.  

If you have people on your guest list who are planning a special driveby for a birthday or another celebration, you can give them car paddles with special messages they can share as they do a celebratory drive-by or simply flash the paddle at passersby to bring a little extra joy to their day.

12. Sanitizing Stocking Stuffers

To help your friends and family stay healthy during the pandemic and beyond, give them something you know they’ll always need: hand sanitizer. Germs are everywhere, and stocking stuffers like hand sanitizer can help your loved ones spread fewer germs and more holiday cheer. You can mix these health essentials with other small, fun gifts to add to the holiday spirit. 

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