10 Tips To Preventing Blocked Drains And How To Fix Them


No one likes dealing with blocked drains. But it’s crucial to keep your pipes clear of clogs. The signs of a clogged drain include water that is slow to drain, overflowing sinks, and gurgling sounds from the drain.  In this situation, it becomes essential to hire a professional plumber for drain cleaning services.

How to Prevent Blocked Drains and How to Fix Them

1.    Check for Tree Roots With a Drain Survey

Tree roots can cause blockages in your home’s main sewer line. Calling a plumber is essential to perform a CCTV survey of the pipes to assess the extent of the blockage and excavation of the pipe to remove the tree roots and fix the pipework.

2.    Never Flush Toiletries Down the Toilet

Wipes and sanitary products can cause a blockage in your pipes and water build-up in your toilet. You should avoid flushing toiletry items down your toilet to prevent a blockage from occurring.

3.    Avoid Putting Foreign Objects Down the Drain

If your kids tend to pop items such as toys down the drain or flush things down the toilet, it is essential to prevent this behaviour.

4.    Never Pour Cooking Oil Down the Plug Hole

Cooking oil is a viscous liquid that solidifies when cool, which is bad news for your drains. You may need to fix this blockage using a caustic drain cleaner to break down the fat.

5.    Keep Food Scraps Out the Sink

Taking care when cooking and washing up is vital to avoid food scraps falling down the sink. If food scraps fall down the plug hole, you may need to use a plunger to force the blockage away.

6.    Avoid Mineral Build-up

Calcium deposits can build up in pipework, making it much easier for the drains to become blocked. Using a drain cleaner will help to remove mineral build-up and reduce the chances of a blockage.

7.    Stop Soap Going Down the Drain

Parts of your soap bar can easily slip down the plug hole. To prevent soap from causing a blockage, it is helpful to place a cover over your plug hole.

8.    Stop Hair Travelling Down the Plug Hole

Using a plug hole cover is a great way to prevent hair going down the drain. A caustic plug hole cleaner will dissolve hair trapped in your drain.

9.    Keep Gutters Clear of Natural Debris

Leaves, twigs, and moss can fall into your gutters and block your home’s rainwater system. Ensuring you have your gutters professionally cleaned regularly is a great way to prevent and fix this issue.

10. Never Put Cat Litter Down the Drain

Cat litter expands when wet, meaning it will become trapped in your drain and cause a blockage. So, disposing of cat litter is vital to prevent future problems.


Your home’s pipework performs vital functions, so great care is needed to avoid blocked drains. While you may be able to use DIY fixes for some issues, for others, you will need a plumbing professional. Before you trust anyone to work on your drains, you need to ensure anyone who works on your drains is licenced for drainage work and can carry out the work to the highest standard.

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