10 tips to cure erectile dysfunction


With your erectile dysfunction, you don’t have to take too much stress unless you are not adapting to the right form of treatment.

One of the common ways of curing ED is to Buy Vidalista. But there are certainly other methods too. Here we will see 10 different forms of ED cure.  

So let’s begin-

Looking at the lifestyle factors

  • Drink less

Drinking will cause ED- that’s for sure. Alcohol any other type of alcoholic beverage is a natural depressant that causes ED and deprives you of generating feelings of lust and desire and the feel to have sex. 

Anyways if you still have ED because of excess drinking alcohol then you should get expert advice to get control over the urge to drink. 

Even you can use Cenforce 100 to cure your ‘alcoholic ED’. 

  • Smoking will cause ED

Smoking just like drinking is among one of the lifestyle factors that cause ED. Excess smoking is not only injurious for your heart and lungs but also your erections. 

Too much smoking will result in the nicotine being deposited in your blood vessels and thereby reducing the blood flow. Also, too much smoking results in lowering the efficiency and flexibility of the heart muscles to pump blood effectively. 

  • Reducing your stress, anxiety, and depression

Stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the biggest reasons why you should be having ED at least nowadays. A major portion of the ED cases reported worldwide are due to either stress, anxiety, or depression. 

All these can be clubbed together to call the psychological reasons of ED. Thankfully, you can use Fildena 100 mg Purple Pills can help you to sort out the problem. 

  • Taking in proper ED care diet

Apart from some of the things mentioned above you also need to take a closer look at your diet. If you are concerned about what to include in your ED diet then this includes peppers, avocados, cocoa, pistachios, watermelon, coffee, etc. Also to avoid are some of the heavy diet food items that include a lot of oil.  

5. Looking at the physical problems causing ED and finding a proper cure

Among the top psychological factors for ED,some physical disorders will cause ED. As far as physical disorders are concerned some of the common disorders of the heart, lungs, liver, and kidney are some of the problems that might cause ED. 

The ED medicines like Cenforce 100 can help you to cure your ED. 

But it is also important that you know the underlying ED physical disorder that is causing ED. If you want to cure your ED then you also have to find the perfect form of cure for the physical disorder that is an underlying factor for ED. 

Find out the proper treatment 

Find out the right form of treatment is one of the main pillars for ED cure. For your benefit, there are many forms of a cure for ED. One of them is a device called Phallosan Forte. Check out Phallosan Forte results to see more on this. You can choose the right form of treatment after consulting with a doctor.

6. Doing yoga and exercises

Yoga and exercises are some of the basic forms of ED cure. Of course, you can also add this up as a subsidiary form of treatment along with your Fildena 100 mg Purple Pills

There are various forms of treatment for exercises and yoga such as running, jogging, pelvic floor exercises. Some yoga includes paschimottanasana, dhanurasana, etc. 

7. Taking in ED medicines

ED medicines are one of the most popular forms of ED treatment. You can Buy Vidalista from the market or online portals and of course, there are a variety of other ED pills containing generic Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil. You have to take the dosage in the right amounts for curing getting harder erections. 

But remember that you cannot change the ED medicines at your will. Moreover, there is only one generic substance that your body can cope with at best. 

8. Going for acupuncture treatment

For finding out the right form of treatment you can also include an acupuncture treatment. This old chinses form of massage ensures that certain body points in the body get massaged or pressurized properly so that the blood flow is restored to normal clearing all the minor blocks in the arteries and veins. Acupuncture treatment like yoga and exercises doesn’t have any side effects. 

9. Choosing to go with surgeries for curing ED

If you want to choose to go with surgery then you should know that this is one of the permanent forms of ED cure treatment. 

Medicines, acupuncture treatment, or most other forms of treatment will need a long time to show the minimum effects. But surgery is a short-term permanent way out for your ED problem. 

The problem with having surgeries is that that the changes are irreversible and if things don’t go well or adjust well enough then the consequences or the side effects can be devastating. 

10. Herbal treatment for ED

There is also some other herbal treatment for ED that can help you to get harder erections. Some of the herbs include red ginseng, Ginko Biloba, DHEA, horny goat weed, carnitine, etc. 

Remember that the herbal method for ED treatment is not entirely free from side effects although the severity level of them is considerably lower. 

You cannot also use Cenforce 100, Fildena 100mg or other ED pills as these can be contradicting.

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