10 Tips from an expert to diversify your intimate life


We all want our intimate lives to be vibrant, emotional, and most enjoyable. We have dreams, fantasies, and desires that we want to fulfill, but often we don’t know how to tell our partners. How do we fight it? With this question in mind, we turned to an expert who shared 10 top tips on how to make intimacy in a couple even better.

Pleasure doesn’t start in bed

If a couple lives together for years, they develop specific anchor habits, especially when it comes to intimacy: from “wearing red underwear” to “taking the kids to grandma’s house” to signaling to their partner, “Yes, tonight.” It kills spontaneity. Tease each other and don’t get attached to “love according to plan.”

Role-playing games

Seductive role-play lingerie is a real “pill” for cheating, routine and boredom. The ability to be a completely different person for a while, experimenting with completely different roles, standards of behavior and communication styles.

 modest woman becomes a bold, bossy boss becomes a humble page at the feet of the queen.

Couples who practice role-playing rarely fall apart. They do not need people around, they can be smart and different from each other. Try it, it’s worth it!

Really get into character

Don’t try to be the queen of homemade sweatpants.

Even if you don’t plan on going anywhere out of your bedroom, think about the clothes and the conversation. Stretch out the game for at least 20-30 minutes before jumping right into the pleasures, build up your courage.

Be sensual

However, everyone knows how important foreplay is. Take the time to get down to business. Touching, kissing, and words are what turn ordinary pleasures into intimacy between two people who love each other.

Change Locations

Everyone wants to have fun, but the most important thing in this case is to create a relaxing atmosphere and an exciting environment in which all your intimate fantasies can be fulfilled.

Being in bed in the bedroom is already boring, being outside is already scary and uncomfortable, but there are also places designed specifically for intimate variety, but at the same time for pleasure, not fine or trouble.

Always trying new things

Furniture, devices, gadgets — all these adult toys will give your intimate moment the most excitement and desire.

Talk to each other about your wishes

No one can read minds. Your partner will appreciate it if you tell him/her what you want. Can’t find the word? Are you shy? Write a note. Give a link to a video that excites you. Don’t keep quiet about what you want.

Teach each other

Show your partner what kind of caresses you like. This kind of union is very exciting, especially for a man, in addition, it brings the couple very close emotionally. No matter how close a person is, each of us is unique and has its own erogenous zones and arousal points. Feel free to say that you are happy – you have a very appreciative audience.

Paying compliments

Contrary to stereotypes, they are more important for men than for women. Tell each other how much you miss each other, what attracts your partner physically and mentally, how much he/she means to you, how his/her smell/voice/touch turns you on. It’s very important for each of us to hear this kind of recognition. It boosts self-esteem and strengthens the relationship.

Spending time together

You can never get everything done and fix all the problems. We want to do everything at once, and we often end up putting off attention to our loved ones until “later.” We have time to go to the gym, sign up for developmental classes, work and go out with friends, and at night we say “tomorrow, we don’t have the energy.” So, the passion goes away. And behind it came boredom, and routine.

Make it a rule to spend at least one night a week just for each other. Get out of the house and spend a quiet night, giving each other tenderness, attention and care.

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