10 Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioning System Up and Running


We’ve all been there: the scorching 110-degree heat hits you like a brick wall as soon as you walk in your front door, and you become overwhelmed by that suffocating feeling. As the temperature continues to rise, it becomes more important than ever for you to keep your air conditioning system up and running. 

If you’re looking for expert tips that will help you do just that, then this blog post is right for you! Here are 10 simple but effective tips that will help you keep our A/C running smoothly: 

1. Schedule routine maintenance.

Once or twice each year, get a professional A/C maintenance service in Longview, TX. Pros will do a thorough checkup on your equipment and effectively fix any problem with the vents and tubing. This is especially important if new construction, which could affect your A/C, has recently taken place in your home.

2: Keep the unit clean.

Keep the air filter, coils, compressor, and any other components of air conditioning units susceptible to dirt clean. When these parts get dirty, it can compromise the performance of your A/C.

3. Keep the registers and vents unobstructed.

Making sure air vents and registers are unobstructed is another step to ensuring that your air conditioning unit gets enough supply of air and can circulate cool air throughout the building. A blocked vent will prevent your A/C from cooling your home properly and can also lead to higher cooling costs. 

If nothing obstructs the registers, but there is poor airflow, contact your trusted A/c maintenance service provider in Longview, TX and ask them to inspect your unit.

4: Protect it from the sunlight.

Heat is an enemy of your air conditioning unit. Protect your outdoor unit from direct sunlight by placing something that can provide shade. But make sure the airflow won’t be restricted. Also, keep your indoor unit and thermostat away from direct sunlight. 

5. Keep windows and doors shut.

Make sure you regularly check all of your windows, doors, and even the screens to ensure that air is not freely flowing outside. If it is, this could lead to an uncomfortable place and greater energy loss. 

6. Get creative. 

If some rooms like guest bedrooms or storage areas rarely get used during warmer months, consider insulating doors from outside heat when not in use. This can help reduce energy loss and maximize how much cool air circulates through a building during warmer months.

7. Get to know your unit. 

Knowledge is power, especially if there are issues within an A/C system that cause it not to work efficiently or effectively. It will also help you know how to take proper care of the unit.   

8. Get more control.

If you have an A/C system with multiple units in place, ask your A/C maintenance service provider in Longview, TX to install thermostats for every room within your home. This will give you better control over every room’s temperature.

9. Don’t procrastinate on a repair.

If your unit is not working like usual, call an air conditioning maintenance service provider in Longview, TX as soon as possible. Do not ignore the issue because it will likely cause more damage to the system if not repaired immediately.

10. Plan ahead.

Consider investing in a new air conditioner if your existing unit has been around for years or even decades. Most modern A/C use less power compared to units made years ago and are equipped with advanced features. You can take advantage of it to reduce your monthly cooling bills without compromising your comfort.

Need professional A/C maintenance service in Longview, TX? Feel free to contact Napps Cooling, Heating & Plumbing at 903-758-6482. The company has been providing top-notch heating, cooling, and plumbing services for decades and has a team of NATE-certified technicians ready to serve your HVAC needs.

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