10 Superfoods Foods for a Healthy Living


Meta Description: Take charge of your physical health including foods such as fish, nuts, citrus fruits, green leafy veggies, milk, and tea in your diet.

Are you feeling lethargic lately? Do you want to take charge of your physical health but don’t know where to start? 

These are the words I heard on a fitness channel that I found through my Spectrum TV guide. That was the moment for me when I decided to take charge of my physical health. That show made me realize that all we focus on is an active lifestyle but rarely do we pay attention to food. Part of staying healthy is also making healthy food choices.

Now the question arises what are the superfoods we should add to our lifestyle to stay healthy and optimize our immune system. Here’s a list of all the great ones:

1: Nuts

Nuts are the best food you can eat throughout the year. They are like your daily dose of vitamin. I agree they are high in fat but they can be incredibly nutritious. They are also rich in Vitamin E, Magnesium, Fiber, and the list of nutrients goes on. 

Depending on your health condition, pick a few types of nuts. For example, walnuts are great in reducing bad cholesterol, promoting heart health, and boosting mood. 

2: Brown Rice

Carbs play a vital role in providing energy to the body we all need it. Not all carbs are good so you have to be careful with choosing the source of carbs. Brown rice is a great one. They release energy into the bloodstream slowly and provide an optimal level of energy to get you through the day.

Unlike white rice, brown rice is less starchy. Apart from being a good source of carbs, it is also rich in Vitamin B Complex and Fiber. 

3: Eggs

Eggs are the go-to food for protein. Start the day by having eggs at breakfast. Protein not just helps grow but repair muscles and tissues. Protein also builds stamina hence why bodybuilders consume it. Eggs are also packed with 9 essential amino acids. If you suffer from fatigue, eat eggs each day! 

4: Leafy Vegetables

Many complain about iron deficiency. When there isn’t enough iron in the body, it fails to make hemoglobin. You feel exhausted and your body struggles to carry out daily functions since it doesn’t have enough oxygen.

Green leafy vegetables are packed with fiber and iron. Make them a part of your diet. Spinach is the best of them all. It instantly releases energy into your body and improves stamina.

5: Peanut Butter

Whenever you feel like munching on something, make peanut butter your go-to snack. Peanut butter on crackers and sandwiches is just too good. It’s rich in protein and healthy fat. When you consume it with complex carbs, it keeps you full. It also boosts stamina. That’s why some even call it the power snack.

6: Fish

Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. My favorites are salmon and tuna. These two are also rich in vitamin D. They are light on the stomach but rich in nutrients. Along with red meat and chicken, make sure you have fish too.

7: Citrus Fruits 

Citrus Fruits are known for fighting against infection. They have a generous amount of vitamin C present to boost immunity. That’s why when you catch a cold or flu, your mom advises to eat more oranges or perhaps take Vitamin C. 

Citrus fruits also improve energy levels and cleanse toxins from the body. So do treat yourself with a glass of fresh orange juice every day.

8: Banana

If you have a sweet tooth and you are avoiding calorie-rich snacks, perhaps having a banana would calm you down. Take the banana as a snack. It’s even recommended before the workout. Bananas are rich in fiber, complex carbs, and potassium. They are a real energy booster. 

Bananas also release dopamine which is a happy hormone. Whenever you have a desire to eat something sweet, take a banana, cut it into in slices and drizzle some honey on the top. It’s a comfort food item (yet a healthy one) for desperate sugar cravings. 

9: Milk

Milk also hydrates the body just like water does and milk lab coconut milk. The added benefit is it contains protein and it gives you strength. Don’t’ like drinking plain milk? No worries. Make a chocolate smoothie at home. Or toss some bananas or strawberries in to make it taste good.

10: Tea

I know, tea isn’t food but it deserves to be on the list. Tea is full of antioxidants called flavonoids which reduce the chances of developing cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s. Some even say it improves the mood. The best thing about tea is that you can either drink it hot or cold.


A few simple steps and changes in your diet can improve your physical health. Don’t just focus on exercise, focus on your food choices too. I now know how important it is to take care of my health. Just like one (in this case, me) would expect Spectrum Internet Customer Care to take care of its customers, our health also needs us to look after it well. 

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