Apart from colours and shapes, typefaces are extremely important to convey the demeanour of your company.

As a result, contemporary companies are extra careful and picky about the typefaces they use. So, before you start using the barber logo maker, here is a list of the top 10 font types you can choose from:

1. Helvetica® Now

The authentic Helvetica font is undoubtedly the most commonly used typeface ever, particularly advertising.Each separate symbol of Helvetica has just been reconstructed and refitted for clarification, easiness, and fairness in this giant new version.

Helvetica Now is accessible in 48 weights ranging from Light Micro to Extra Black Showcase, each with a corresponding italic.

Famous companies that use Helvetica in their branding include:

Panasonic Jeep

2. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova, launched in 2005, includes 144 designs and is a comprehensive revamping of the well-known Proxima Sans. This widely-used font is generally portrayed as a cross between Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk. The typefaces grew from six to up to 48 comprehensive OpenType typefaces.
Proxima Nova combines humanistic dimensions with a slightly symmetrical presentation.

3. TT Norms Pro

TT Norms Pro is widely regarded as among the most popular sans-serif fonts ever published.

TT Norms works reasonably well in long text clusters as it does in editorials, and it is “the one,” the must-have widespread typeface for brand logos.

The typeface family comprises 18 reconfigured typefaces, each with 1392 glyphs, 24 OpenType attributes, and endorsements for over 216 translations.

4. FF DIN®

FF DIN was designed between 1995 and 2009, and amidst its crude, specialized presence, the typeface rapidly became a sensation. The font is appropriate for wrapping, news articles, banners, hoardings, way-finding, signboards, and logo and marketing. The font has permeated enterprise and publishing lettering, as well as advertisements for cultural centres.

5. Avenir® Next

Avenir Next Pro is a fresh perspective on a design aesthetic, revised to outperform the competition in terms of industry standards. This group consists of styles ranging from hyperlight to massive and compressed heads that compete with any other sans on the industry in on and off-screen comprehensibility. The heavyweights make fantastic showcase faces inside their right and is paired with a wide range of modern serif font types.

6. Nexa™

Next is among the most well-known font styles of the modern era. This lettering was created for creating animations, internet, published, and well-finished dimensional icons that require excellent visibility and understandability. The Nexa font family comprises nine weights and 36 typefaces. On the whole, the group’s layout is simple, spotless, and uncomplicated.

7. Cera Pro™

Cera Pro includes 12 styles as well as a group bundle choice. The typeface is composed of simple shapes and exudes clarity, gracefulness, and a modern appearance. Cera Pro is available in six weights ranging from thin to black, having a wide range of interpretations for functionalities and company styling in print, on display, and in numerous languages.

When used for showcase typefaces, cautiously slanted 100 italics have a prominent impact.

8. Mont™

Mont is available in ten weights ranging from Hairline to Dark, with corresponding italics. The sharp “t” and notable x-height are two of these specifics that make it ideal for powerful news stories and exceptional emblems. The typeface endorses over 130 languages in total. Table form figures, sophisticated font functionalities including hyphens, fractions, case-sensitive types, superscripts, and subscripts are all part of the Mont font.

9. Intro™

The intro is a sophisticated sans with a few flourishes of serifs thrown in for good measure. Because of its distinguishing traits, many visual graphic design studios are using this typeface in their job. This large family includes 72 different fonts in 8 weights, as well as corresponding italics and a compressed variant. This font’s flow extends itself well to efficiently managing sleek wordmarks.

10. Gilroy™

Gilroy is an advanced typeface widely famous for branding and web layout. The typeface is a younger sibling of the initial Qanelas font family, based on geometric patterns such as near-perfect squares and rectangles. The font was created with potent rich text functionalities in mind, making it ideal for contemporary visual communication. It is easily adaptable to your branding, digital, and print needs.


These are the ten prevalent fonts you can use for your new start-up. So, choose the right font to make a difference in your business.

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