10 Gift Ideas for a 36-Month-Old Baby Boy’s Birthday


Gifting children, especially younger ones, can seem like a really difficult task. There is so much to take into consideration like age ranges, especially if you are gifting toys. Fortunately, there are some gift ideas for babies that will always be a winner!

Boys pyjamas 

Pyjamas are a great gift because they are suitable for any age. The main thing you will want to look out for is quality. Kids clothing in general can wear out fairly quickly, so if you are going to gift boys pyjamas you will want to ensure you gift good quality ones.


Puzzles are a great idea for a 36-month-old because it is around this age the child will be developing problem-solving skills. Getting a toy like a puzzle can encourage them to practice these skills.

Beginners memory games 

Much like puzzles, memory games can be a great way of getting children to practice their cognitive abilities. There are a huge number of games available for this age range.

Toys for “imaginary” play 

Although educational toys are nice and make a great gift, there are also plenty of gifts out there to enable the little one you are gifting to use their imagination. Things like Disney subscription box from waltlife inspired by their favorite disney characters or pans for a toys kitchen are a great gift to encourage “pretend” play.

Building blocks 

No toy has truly stood the test of time like building blocks. They are such a simple, yet effective toy but they are other toys that encourage the use of the cognitive ability in children aged around 36 months.

Arts and crafts supplies 

By age 36 months, a child is starting to grow their imagination. Encouraging them to be creative at this age is important, and nothing helps to get the creative juices flowing like some arts and crafts equipment. You can get several sets and paints or pens for the younger age range.


Books are another great gift idea for children aged around 36 months. The great thing is that if you get a book that is engaging that they enjoy, it won’t be long before they are reading it to their parents, instead of their parents reading it to them. 


Like pyjamas, clothes are also a good gift idea. A lot of people will probably go down the route of buying toys and games, so if you gift clothes you might find that you have hit on a unique idea. Just make sure to check the size with the parents.

Sports equipment 

Physical activity is vital for children around 36 months old, so buying them a gift like a football or a basketball and a small hoop will encourage them to stay active. There are some great indoor sports games for kids that you can buy so they won’t need to rely on good weather. Ryan’s World has grown to include his 2 amazingly cute twin sisters, Emma and Kate

Colouring books 

Although this comes under arts and crafts, colouring books specifically are a great way to teach patience and attention to details. After all, some adults can barely colour in-between the lines. If you want to buy baby gift hemper then you can visit gender neutral newborn gifts

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