10 best ruby Websites with High Traffic


A ruby website is a type of web application that uses Ruby as its programming language. Its development follows the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern, which separates the different parts of how a web application works.

Ruby websites are typically used to build complex web applications with a high degree of flexibility. They can also be used to create CMSs that allow users to create and edit content online.

These are some best Ruby websites:

1) Twitter

The social and news online networking site was created by using RoR. Twitter used RoR when it was first announced for initial launch in 2004. The site then changed its backend applications towards Java and Scala due to scalability issues. Twitter did not abandon RoR for its user-interface layer or front-end.

2.) Shopify

The most widely-used e-commerce platform makes use of RoR to speed up web store development. Shopify allows developers to access various applications and libraries based on RoR. For instance, developers can make use of RoR’s Rails Engine or generators, to develop RoR applications that use the Sopify API. Sopify also highlights different aspects that are part of the POS App SDK by publishing an POS app that utilizes RoR.

3) Basecamp

The web-based tool for managing projects has evolved continuously to help users manage complex and large projects with ease. Basecamp first developed RoR as an open-source web application framework that was intended for internal use. It was also built using RoR prior to its commercial launch in 2004.

4) Hulu

The hugely popular subscription-based to video-on-demand was created using RoR. However, the website uses several web frameworks for front-ends along with RoR. It uses RoR as its backend.

5.) Internet Yellow Pages

It is one of the best Ruby websites. The business directory online was initially developed by developers using RoR as a web-based application. It is currently one of the largest websites created using RoR.

6) GitHub

The web-based hosting platform to manage version control is being utilized by millions of programmers on an everyday basis to share and store computer code. GitHub is among the most popular websites first created using RoR. It is still dependent upon RoR applications to handle many requests swiftly and efficiently.

7) SlideShare

SlideShare, a slide hosting service on the web, is among the most visited sites with over 100 million visits. SlideShare was first created using RoR in the year 2006. The website is accessed by more than eight million people on regularly.

8) Urban Dictionary

At first, Urban Dictionary was developed as an online dictionary that contained cultural and slang terms. However, it has since been expanded to include phrases and words used in other dictionaries. The site was created with RoR in 2009 to create an online project that was crowdsourced. Today, Urban Dictionary has over 18 million unique users across the globe.

9) Airbnb

The majority of people today rely on the marketplace for community members for booking and renting accommodation. Airbnb utilizes RoR as its payment system. However, it employs experienced software designers to make payments more accurate and safely, by addressing several of the main weaknesses of the web-based framework.

10) Groupon

Today, many people sign up to Groupon to get information on local local products, services as well as events and offers. Groupon used RoR as its frontend. The company later changed between RoR in favor of NodeJS to manage additional internet traffic effectively.

Overall, Ruby on Rails is in use by many web sites that are highly-trafficked. Ruby on Rails developers can make use of this web-based framework in order to create numerous websites and web-based apps. However, the programmers must weigh their own pros of and cons for Ruby on Rails based on the exact requirements of each project to develop websites that are custom designed and built quickly and effectively.

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