08 Things Every Man Should Know About Erectile Dysfunction


Many men may have misconceptions about erectile dysfunction and its symptoms, causes, and treatments. Viagra is very effective for curing erectile dysfunction, but it isn’t the only ED treatment available. Several other medications like Kamagra oral jelly work as great as viagra, and that too at affordable prices. Like this, there are many other essential facts you will get to know by reading the blog till the end.

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual concern that makes a man incapable of getting or maintaining firm erections for sexual intercourse. It is very common and accounts for nearly 30 million cases in the United States alone. As ED is so common, it makes sense to collect all the essential information about it.

Things To Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the key facts every man should know about erectile dysfunction.

1. All men experience erectile dysfunction occasionally

Every man experiences erection problems at some point in their lifetime, and that’s completely normal. Several factors, including stress, relationship problems, excessive alcoholism, inadequate sleep, etc., can cause occasional erection problems. When you fail to achieve or maintain at least half of the times you try, the chances are high that you could have erectile dysfunction.

2. ED is more serious than you might believe

Some people choose to live with erectile dysfunction, which is not recommended. Erectile dysfunction is a more serious problem than you might believe, as it can sometimes occur as an early warning sign of an underlying condition such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. On experiencing persistent erection problems, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately and get diagnosed.

Your doctor will check your condition and recommend you with an oral medication such as Kamagra oral jelly. If Kamagra oral jelly or any other ED medications fail to work, you may be prescribed an alternative ED treatment, including vacuum pumps, penile injections, counseling, testosterone therapy, penile implants, etc.

The right treatment depends upon the factor responsible for your erectile dysfunction. Kindly share your complete medical history with your doctor to help him suggest the most suitable treatment.

3. ED is not the same for everyone

Some men think that since they are able to get firm erections, they couldn’t have ED. If you manage to get firm erections but are unable to keep them for long enough to accomplish sexual intercourse, this is also a symptom of erectile dysfunction. You can also have ED if you can penetrate but then immediately lose your erection, or you have a soft erection.

So, if you experience any changes in your ability to get or maintain erections, discuss them with your healthcare provider without any hesitation.

4. Viagra is effective but is not the only ED treatment available

Most men think Viagra is the only available ED medication on the market, which is absolutely incorrect. There are numerous branded and generic alternatives to viagra, which are available at relatively lower prices and are no less than viagra. Kamagra jelly is one of the most widely prescribed generic forms of viagra, which you can buy easily from any physical or online pharmacy.

5. Self-medication could be dangerous

Some ED medications are available over-the-counter, but you should avoid using them without consulting your doctor. ED pills are generally safe for most men but can cause serious side effects in some individuals.

Kamagra oral jelly, for example, may not be appropriate for ED patients who are already on any nitrate-containing medication. It is also not appropriate for people having an allergy to sildenafil or any of the ingredients incorporated in Kamagra oral jelly.

6. ED isn’t an inevitable part of aging

Although erectile dysfunction is more widespread in older men, it is not an inevitable part of aging. Just because you are growing old doesn’t mean you can expect your erections to be soft. ED depends more on your health condition and lifestyle more than your age. Also, erectile dysfunction is treatable at any age. So, please don’t let your age stop you from visiting your doctor and receiving treatment.

7. ED and depression have a complex relationship

If you are dealing with long-term stress or depression, discuss your symptoms with a healthcare provider. Depression can increase your risk of developing erectile dysfunction, and erectile dysfunction can lead to depression. And some antidepressants that help treat depression can also lead to ED or other sexual problems.

Call your healthcare specialist if you experience any sexual problems while using an antidepressant. Please continue taking your medicine, and don’t stop it unless your healthcare provider tells you to do so. Stopping some antidepressants suddenly can be quite dangerous.

8. ED is preventable

Yes, you can prevent erectile dysfunction. Remember, anything that’s good for your health is good for your penis health too. Eating a diet that is low in saturated fat, exercising for at least 30 minutes most days of the week, mitigating stress levels, and quitting smoking, are good for your heart and your penis health too.

Have a discussion with your healthcare specialist before getting started with an exercise program to find one that is safe for you. Your doctor can also provide you with some tips on improving other lifestyle habits. If you have already developed ED, take Kamagra oral jelly and take a step towards improving your erections.

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