Using Your Survival Mode For Achieving All Your Goals


I was discussing yesterday with a good friend about some effective triggers for turning yourself into an unstoppable goal achieving machine. This is how the “Survival Mode” came into the conversation.

You see, if you deliberately put yourself into an as realistic and dramatic as possible “All or Nothing” situation, your animal survival instinct will make you achieve whatever you need in order to survive.

For instance, if you throw yourself to the streets with a guitar and the unmovable decision to make a living with it you will achieve it, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t played a guitar in your life. Your instinct will ALWAYS find a way.


You’ve probably heard a lot of times the romantic story of the music superstar that started his/her career this way and it makes a lot of sense to analyze the cause and effect of their actions and determination to let the ALL IN magic transform their lives into what they are now.

Epic things happen in a life ruled by the “All or Nothing” mindset and the firm determination that your survival depends on achieving a HUGE goal, something that would seem impossible to achieve in a normal situation but as you are right now with NO OTHER CHOICE than to succeed on it or DIE, miracles will start to happen that will get you closer to your goal and make it more reachable every day, I promise.

WARNING: This is just a personal reflexion, I’m not saying that you have to put your life at risk or do dangerous things for achieving your goals, I’m just talking here about mindset and the complete transformation that can produce in your whole life.

If you think that this is for you and you have felt your blood pumping while reading the article just give it a try in your own terms, there’s nothing to lose and a lot to win.

As I know that for a huge majority of people will be extremely difficult to get into that mindset by themselves, I’m creating missions that provide a less steep ladder for groups with highly-targeted goals so they can follow a tried and tested path to success and be assisted along it by experts and a group of like-minded partners.


I want to hear from you.

Have you ever used this method for achieving your biggest goals? Let me know in your comments and I will appreciate it infinitely.

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