6 Productivity Tools and Apps To Use In 2015

Whether you’re a newly minted entrepreneur, an experienced freelancer, or an established business owner, you’ll likely find yourself with a harsh reality: there is not enough time in the day.

You shouldn’t have to devote all your time to work, but you also need to get all your tasks done in time to grow your business. To ensure you are at the peak of productivity to close on new deals and accomplish every task, consider complementing your own skills with technological solutions made to save time and - in the same process – money.

Here are my top productivity tools and apps for 2015:


With the rise of cloud storage in the business world, no entrepreneur should start an enterprise without tools to collaborate with business partners and employees efficiently.

Consider installing a cloud storage service like DropBox onto your computer or portable device to upload key documents and then easily share them to get feedback on sales and marketing strategies and more. In addition to simple text documents, you could also upload slides, images and spreadsheets.

Google has a similar cloud storage service called Google Drive that can also allow you to quickly collaborate and share documents with other people.



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When you’re on the go and don’t have a pen or paper with you at all times, an electronic note-taking service is essential to keep your ideas with you in a safe and secure place.

Evernote is a note-taking app is not only a tool for jotting down quick notes but also copying and pasting images and text you find on the Web. The app is available for download on both personal computers and mobile devices. Your next big idea could happen while you’re scrolling on a Website and with Evernote on hand, you could save notes and organize them however you’d like. Then share them with collaborators.


Google Analytics

As you run your own business website with online traffic coming in each day, you should be able to analyze what this means for current and future revenue.

To make sure your website is a success, use Google Analytics to evaluate the impact of certain keywords on your Web traffic and whether your marketing and sales campaigns are effective in bringing in revenue.

Google Analytics makes it easy to analyze keywords and phrases describing your business, how visitors to your site react to your content and the amount of clicks and lead-to-customer conversions you achieve each day.



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The business world is increasingly becoming digitized and it’s true for how professionals dream up their next idea.

As a popular iPad app, Paper is meant to sketch out ideas and pictures using your tablet. In addition to using Paper as a sketchbook, this app functions as a journal for brainstorming sessions to visualize your business ideas – from potential supply chain structures to employee workflows.



When you run your own business or self-employed, you’re always pressed for time. Clients are always demanding time to speak to you and you need to scratch off your to-do-list in the same work day.

To make sure you have time for all your tasks, download Strict Workflow as an extension on your browser. This time management app will keep you focused on your tasks in two ways.

Firstly, it acts as a timer to block off 25 minutes of work time and 5 minutes of a break or rest afterward.

Secondly, it will block any distracting websites while the timer is on – so say goodbye to Facebook and hello to maximum productivity.



productivity tools

As an email provider, Gmail itself doesn’t seem like a productivity app, but the features it comes with to manage your inbox and to-do-list makes it the ultimate productivity tool.

Gmail is powerful when it comes to task management.

Not click here only can it mark emails as important as soon as they come into your inbox to let you know you need to reply to them right away, it can also automatically organize and filter emails depending on the email address of the sender or keywords in the email. This can save you time in looking through and answering emails from specific clients or business partners and prevent you from missing any crucial messages.

Gmail also has built-in features for checking off your to-do-list. Gmail has a Tasks feature that allows you to add emails or other necessary “to-dos” to your task list so you can be reminded to respond to important emails. The pop-up box that comes with Tasks will also list your tasks by order of priority and due date to boost your day-to-day productivity.


With these productivity tools and apps, you can make sure you can better balance your work and personal life to grow your business now and in the future.

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Tell me in the comments what your favorite productivity apps are and why.


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