My name is Sergi, passionate entrepreneur and the founder of Lifestyle Mission.


 After a life-changing experience, I realized that I had all I needed to become the ultimate version of myself, turn defeat into VICTORY and my biggest dreams into REALITY.

Although I’ve been studying the human mind and the mindset of WINNERS since I decided to become a chess champion in 2004, it wasn’t until this experience that everything became crystal clear to me and all the disorder in my life seemed to turn into PROMISING order.

After that “revelation” I made the DEFINITE decision that from that moment on I would always aim for the higher goals and live life MY WAY, without exception. There’s not enough time left for me to spend it aiming for menial things and holding myself back.

I don’t want FEAR to exist in this world.

At that moment I realized that fear has no reason to exist and I decided to not allow it to limit my life anymore.

I want all the people in the world to smile and show the best version of themselves all the time, instead of wasting their lives behind that monster called fear.



There’s no place for excuses.

After a self-discovery journey that took me to live among the poorest people I could find and being the closest to death I have ever been, I had to START FROM SCRATCH. I had neither money nor the physical strength to walk without assistance, but I was able to push myself forward because I was completely optimistic and confident of the UNIQUE opportunity I had in my hands to change the World.

I’ve been learning and creating websites and businesses with a burning passion since that moment, breaking more self-imposed limitations every day, until the idea of creating Lifestyle Mission struck me and I immediately knew it was the opportunity I had been waiting for in order to realize one of my bigger missions.

It made me leave everything behind (again) to start living my Ultimate Lifestyle and helping people 24/7 to achieve the same.

Now I’m completely focused on helping you break through your self-imposed barriers and achieve the lifestyle YOU really want for yourself, not the one that your environment, career, status quo or other artificial influences are forcing you to live.


To achieve this, I’m learning DIRECTLY from the top achievers of our time. The people who have gotten closer to their perfect lifestyle than anyone else. The ones that are doing things others cannot even dare to dream. 

I will go to the end of the world if that’s needed, in order to meet them. Because I know that learning from people who have already traversed the path and taking myself further every day are the fundamental things that allow me to help you achieve the same.

The LIE has no effect on me anymore, I’m 100% sure that with the right mindset and tools you WILL be able to achieve the life of your dreams too.

My mission is to prove that to you.


Personally, starting to live my ultimate lifestyle has rapidly led me to embark on the most amazing journey I’ve been able to design. An epic quest throughout my inner self at the same time that I learn from the most amazing places and people in the world.

Was I “prepared” for that?

NO. But you are never prepared enough for taking a step forward in your life.

If you really want to take it, you either do it now or end up regretting not having taken it for the rest of your life.

The question is: How does YOUR ultimate lifestyle look and what is preventing you from taking it for yourself NOW?

Join hundreds of entrepreneurs who have already achieved it.

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