The True Meaning of Location Independence


For me, the concept of location independence is much closer to a mindset than a physical status that you can achieve by doing a certain action on the outside. It’s not about being the guy or girl who visits more countries on a year, it’s about knowing that you can be anywhere in the World right now but you are HERE because YOU, and only you,  have decided so.

I would also include in the location independence concept the people who you are with right now. You are not chained to an environment or group of people, you are continually choosing who you want to share your journey with and asking yourself WHY.

What location-independence is NOT for me


location independence meaning

Location independence is not evasion. Is not going away from the things that you hate, fear or dislike from your current situation and your past life. On the contrary, it’s a continuous journey of self-discovery where you will have to be brave enough to face and overcome, or sincerely let go, all the things that are limiting your progress and preventing you from achieving the real independence and freedom that you are striving for.


What is location independence for you? Have you already achieved it? Let me know in the comments and you will make my day!



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