An Impossible-To-Fail Morning


Today I want to make you an interesting present.

Tomorrow morning, after you wake up, you will do everything that you WANT to do, knowing in advance that it’s completely IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL for you during all that morning.

This is a unique opportunity for you to do all that things that you are postponing due to fear of failure, so you better start NOW creating the list of all the things that you will DO tomorrow morning so you don’t leave a single one out!

You can start by creating a list of 10 items, put on it EVERYTHING that you want to do, no matter how impossible, crazy or difficult may seem, those are words that will have no effect tomorrow.

After you have the list. think for a minute about which one are the things that you want or need to complete more badly, and number them in order of importance.

You just have one single morning of “invulnerability” so you better choose wisely the things you will start doing first!

impossible to fail


If you have done things properly, the first thing on your list should be one that when done will suppose a big step towards achieving your goals and an overdose of personal satisfaction. Even in the case that you only complete this single thing tomorrow it will make an important impact on your life anyway.

Finally, I want you to promise me one thing, you won’t skip any task in your list until it has been totally completed. That’s one of the main monsters that want to “steal” the precious time you have on your Impossible-to-fail morning and I want to prevent you against it.

FOCUS is key, just focus on completing one thing at a time in order and this morning will change your life.


I want to hear from you.

After you have spent an impossible-to-fail morning, I would love to read a summary of your experience on a comment and how it has transformed your life. I want to see those life-changing actions unravel here so we can all get inspired by them!



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