What Is A Goal And Why You Don’t Achieve Yours

As you may know: A goal is something that you want to achieve.

This seems like a simple definition, but it is indeed quite precise.

Let’s examine each piece of it to understand better the concept of goal, and to discover some often overlooked details that can determine if you will fail or succeed in achieving your goals.

what is a goal

1. “A Goal IS”

A goal exists, it’s real, something tangible that can be defined, visualized and taken action towards its achievement.

Once you define your goal, you have already taken one of the most important steps towards achieving it. It’s not only important but vital.

Every successful person in the history of mankind has said in one way or another that to achieve something worthwhile, you have to define it first.

“Ask and it will be given to you.”

The more clearly you define it, the more it will look like what you really want.


2. “Something”

Something is a vague word that is quite exact here, because your goals can be anything you can imagine.

It can be something material, mental, spiritual, a feeling, an experience, a change in your outer world, or any other thing.


3. “That YOU”

Always remember the word YOU in this definition.

It is extremely important that your goals be, well, YOURS.

Don’t set your goals based on what other people want, satisfying other people or impressing other people if you don’t want to sow stress and frustration in your life.

If your goals involve achieving goals for people other than yourself , change them. You will never achieve something for others.

First achieve it yourself; after that, expect that you will be able to guide others to follow in your footsteps.


4. “Want”

You have to have the want, the desire and the reasons for achieving your goals. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do everything that is needed to overcome any roadblock that is presented along your way.

Once I heard that desire is the source of everything nature creates.

Desire for sunlight makes seeds break stones and live for a thousand years.

Desire for living makes animals lift many times their own weight and run at crazy speeds.

Desire for freedom makes a drop of water break through mountains, steel and anything you can put in its way.

Enough desire will make you achieve anything.


5. “To”

The word “To” inspires constant action and movement IN THE DIRECTION of your goals.

You have to ensure that you are taking steps toward your goals every day and that you keep your thoughts and actions increasing your momentum.

You must always be aware of the direction every one of your actions is moving you to, so you can do more of the ones that get you closer to your goals, and less of the ones that doesn’t move you or even take you further from them.


6. “Achieve” 

This word is extremely powerful as it represents the moment when your goal has been already achieved.

The feelings you have when you achieve a specific goal are completely different than the ones you have when you achieve another goal.

You have not experienced yet what achieving your next goals feel like. That’s what makes life something extraordinary, there is an unlimited number of new experiences for you to pursue.

You can, however, get a taste of what achieving your goal feels like right now.

Being able to see and feel with clarity the moment of achievement of the goal you want to accomplish is one of the most common traits of successful people. This trait is not something exclusive of a few people, it can be developed by choosing goals you are completely passionate about and with constant focus and dedication.



Sometimes we forget about the basics and look for the cause of our problems in the most complex details of the things we do.

Revisiting and click here reanalyzing the definitions of the concepts we use daily is important to discover details we may be overlooking, and to add new subtleties based on our latest experiences.

Mastery is based in perfecting the basics again and again.

You may go to unbelievable heights and layers of complexity, but all you do is in the end supported over just a few concepts.

As they say, the basic rules of chess can be learned in 10 minutes, but mastering them takes years.

If you strive to refine and strengthen the foundation of what you do constantly, you will always be able to keep going further in your craft and life.



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