The First Step To Achieve Your Ultimate Lifestyle

Do you feel that you deserve a better life?  Doing the things you really want to do, in the place you want to be, and with the people you choose?

“I am much better than this”.

Deep inside, we all feel that.

But, what is the difference between people who seem to be living something similar to the life they want, and people who seem to advance towards the opposite direction?

ultimate lifestyle


When I talk about achieving your ultimate lifestyle or upgrading your lifestyle, I don’t talk about a defined outcome for everybody. I talk about the lifestyle that YOU would love to be enjoying right now.

Indeed, the lifestyle that you feel that you should be enjoying right now if all that reasons, circumstances and problems didn’t exist.

They are so strong that you have no other chance than to surrender and live a life you haven’t designed.

They, whatever “they” are, hold the pencil and write the part you have been condemned to play every single day of your life.

That sounds sad, right?

Well, unfortunately that’s how your life looks like and thats how it will still be looking within 5, 10 or 20 years.

Unless you take your right to make a choice and USE IT.

Deep within, you have some glimpses of how the life you would like to live look like. But you can’t neither see it nor believe it.

I’ve been also there, you are so absorbed by your frenetic rhythm of life that you get terribly nervous by the single idea of looking to something that’s “unachievable” and “too good to be true”. You think that if you look at it even for a second it will break your life and you will lose your momentum, wherever is taking you…


But it’s exactly about that!


How long have you been without stepping aside?

I mean, really.

It doesn’t matter if you watch TV at night or eat out with your partners every day, I mean stopping the engines and taking a stroll outside the train. Sitting down only you with yourself, looking at the life you live now, and “playing” to describe the life you would have if nothing, absolutely nothing, could stop you.

Which of the things you do each day could you do differently to be a little bit closer to that life?

It doesn’t matter if the thing looks tiny. It’s all about taking steps and ensuring that each one takes you in the direction of your dreams.

It may be writing one page of your book, eating 5% less food or enrolling on a course, just determine to take the first step right now, before procrastination and fear hunt you again.

If they find you busy, they will just go away.


Get busy now, the smart way.

Take that step and enjoy how it feels to be one step closer from who you really want to be.

Don’t ever let anyone or anything deprive you from that feeling. It feels like nothing else because you are like nothing else.

The more you go for it the stronger you will feel and the more difficult it will be to stop you.

It all starts with one click here step. YOU choose the direction.


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Sergi Trivino

Sergi Trivino is the founder of Lifestyle Mission, an organization dedicated to educate, empower and inspire people aiming to achieve a better lifestyle. Entrepreneur by nature, he is right now on a journey to meet the top achievers of the world while putting the lessons learned on improving Lifestyle Mission’s educational programs.

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