Delegate The Unessential Now Or Die (4 Steps)

I sometimes realize that I have been doing a menial task for weeks, before having wondered if there could be a way to liberate myself of it, although this is far less likely to happen since I developed a new habit.

It took me weeks to reach a point where I can detect a task that has to be done, and start defining it directly to be completed by other people.

That’s why I want to show you what helps me see the bigger picture, detect the unessential, and free myself of more time-consuming tasks every week.

delegate the unessential


The Special Moment

My recommendation is to schedule a special moment every week where you can step out of the trenches and look at the bigger picture of your business and work.

From this position, you can take a look from the distance to things like how you have spent your hours this week, the systems you have had in place and the habits you have followed.

This is how my special moment usually looks like, broken down in 4 steps:


1. Your private sanctuary

Sit down on a comfortable sofa without any distraction (That means no internet, mobile phone or other post 18th century devilish inventions). Take with you only a pen and a notebook and start by making a list of the things that you are doing daily.


2. Letting the most important things come into place

Add the hours you are spending on each of them, and start thinking if there are more important things for your life and business that you could be doing with that hours.

Write all your thoughts as they flow through your mind.


3. The doctor mindset

Think that your doctor has told you that if you work more than one hour per day you will die.

Accepting this as an absolute truth, start creating systems for getting your daily tasks done during your absence. There’s no space here to say that it’s impossible, you either find a way to replace you or the tasks won’t get done.

It doesn’t matter if you think that the tasks will be done poorly in comparison with how you do them, your goal is to get them done as best as possible, so your business is not harmed too much during your forced vacation.


Warning: Think if the task can be eliminated before delegating it.

If the task is not producing positive results, or it’s elimination is not going to make an important difference, it is a good candidate to be removed and replaced for something more important.


 4. Just give it a try

You have nothing to lose.

Just convert the systems you have designed into job descriptions and post them in a job marketplace of your preference, like oDesk or Freelancer.

This is a great thing you can do if you still don’t believe that someone else will be able to do a certain task you do:

Ask questions to the candidates that apply about the things that worry you of replacing you on that task. Ask them all the details you want about the approach that they will follow and their past experiences.

This will help you visualize how they would be performing the task while you are away. (And free to do more important things)


Pro tip: Find a recruiter or virtual assistant to help you filter out bad candidates or you will end up wasting a huge amount of click here hours looking for the right workers,  maybe making you end up thinking that it’s impossible to replace you.


Final Advice

An important advice is that you commit yourself to respect this moment by all means, every single week.

Don’t let procrastination or your daily tasks serve as an excuse to skip this event, or you will start again adding unnecessary tasks to your daily routine and feeling more and more overwhelmed every day.

Don’t tell me later that I haven’t warned you.


What do you do for detecting the unessential in your life? Let me know in a comment below! 


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