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6 Productivity Tools and Apps To Use In 2015

Whether you’re a newly minted entrepreneur, an experienced freelancer, or an established business owner, you’ll likely find yourself with a harsh reality: there is not enough time in the day.

You shouldn’t have to devote all your time to work, but you also need to get all your tasks done in time to grow your business. To ensure you are at the peak of productivity to close on new deals and accomplish every task, consider complementing your own skills with technological solutions made to save time and - in the same process – money.

Here are my top productivity tools and apps for 2015:

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productivity tips

4 Life-Changing Productivity Tips From Top Coaches


Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You need amazing focus, effort and business savvy to bring your venture to life.

Whether you are working on a day-job while trying to build your business in your free time, or you are running a growing business full-time while trying to create opportunities to enjoy life, you will need to be at the top of your game to succeed.

Here are 4 productivity tips from top business and life coaches that will help you get things done, every single day.

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delegate the unessential

Delegate The Unessential Now Or Die (4 Steps)

I sometimes realize that I have been doing a menial task for weeks, before having wondered if there could be a way to liberate myself of it, although this is far less likely to happen since I developed a new habit.

It took me weeks to reach a point where I can detect a task that has to be done, and start defining it directly to be completed by other people.

That’s why I want to show you what helps me see the bigger picture, detect the unessential, and free myself of more time-consuming tasks every week.

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3 Best Motivational Tips For Work


Working as a small business owner or freelancer certainly comes with perks. You’re the boss, you write your own story, and success in these arenas is a uniquely personal experience. When business is booming or you achieve something important as a small business owner, there are few better feelings in the world. What happens, though, when business hits a rough patch, or growth is coming slower than you’d like? What about when you’re simply having a rough day on the job, and find yourself in need of a boost?

The ability to find motivation for work as a freelancer or small business owner is one of the hidden keys to success.

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