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Giving Up Thousands of Dollars to Start a Business You Love

Have you ever tried to stay focused on a project that no longer interests you? If so, you know the struggle it represents and the amount of extra energy you have to devote to it.

But, what do you do when you are in that situation? I’ve been there recently and I’m going to tell you the things I tried, the failures I had and what finally led me to the realization that it was better to sacrifice a year of my life and thousands of dollars to get out of it and start working on what I love. 

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not making progress

The Simple Reason Why You Are Not Making Any Progress

This is not a static post that I write and you devour, this is a post that will be written by all your comments and it will evolve in unexpected and wonderful ways.


This is what you have to do: I need you to make a list of the things that you are holding yourself back of doing right now, although you are conscious that you want or need to do them.

I know that it isn’t easy to bring all that sometimes akward things out. I recommend you to sit down aside with some relaxing music playing on the background, and to start by writing down the first single thing that come up to your mind when thinking about what you would be doing right now, if all that “reasons” for not doing it didn’t exist.

It doesn’t matter if the thing is unimportant. If you want to do it, it can’t be unimportant!

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motivation entrepreneur

An Impossible-To-Fail Morning


Today I want to make you an interesting present.

Tomorrow morning, after you wake up, you will do everything that you WANT to do, knowing in advance that it’s completely IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL for you during all that morning.

This is a unique opportunity for you to do all that things that you are postponing due to fear of failure, so you better start NOW creating the list of all the things that you will DO tomorrow morning so you don’t leave a single one out!

You can start by creating a list of 10 items, put on it EVERYTHING that you want to do, no matter how impossible, crazy or difficult may seem, those are words that will have no effect tomorrow.

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