ultimate lifestyle

The First Step To Achieve Your Ultimate Lifestyle

Do you feel that you deserve a better life?  Doing the things you really want to do, in the place you want to be, and with the people you choose?

“I am much better than this”.

Deep inside, we all feel that.

But, what is the difference between people who seem to be living something similar to the life they want, and people who seem to advance towards the opposite direction?

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boost your sales

Boost Your Sales In 2 Hours With This Simple Mindset Shift

Everybody says they offer a lot of value nowadays, but only a few are putting the value where their mouth is.

Yesterday I realized I am one of those people, and it was a moment that changed my life.

You see, I was shouting all the time about the huge value I provide. I was so busy telling others about it that I didn’t have the time to ask myself if I was really trying to help other people succeed.

The answer was “No”.

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richard branson failure

Turning Failure Into Success Like Richard Branson

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming,” – Richard Branson (tweet now)


Sir Richard Branson, the legendary “adventure entrepreneur”, is known for having achieved success in a variety of different businesses and having built one of the most popular brands in the world. What people may not notice is that he has had to overcome failure during his career several times.

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productivity tools

6 Productivity Tools and Apps To Use In 2015

Whether you’re a newly minted entrepreneur, an experienced freelancer, or an established business owner, you’ll likely find yourself with a harsh reality: there is not enough time in the day.

You shouldn’t have to devote all your time to work, but you also need to get all your tasks done in time to grow your business. To ensure you are at the peak of productivity to close on new deals and accomplish every task, consider complementing your own skills with technological solutions made to save time and - in the same process – money.

Here are my top productivity tools and apps for 2015:

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