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Working as a small business owner or freelancer certainly comes with perks. You’re the boss, you write your own story, and success in these arenas is a uniquely personal experience. When business is booming or you achieve something important as a small business owner, there are few better feelings in the world. What happens, though, when business hits a rough patch, or growth is coming slower than you’d like? What about when you’re simply having a rough day on the job, and find yourself in need of a boost?

The ability to find motivation for work as a freelancer or small business owner is one of the hidden keys to success.

There’s no HR rep to turn to, or flashy team-building and motivational events to attend. That doesn’t mean you are stuck without motivational resources, though. From business coaches to other business owners who’ve “been there before,” plenty of people have valuable tips to offer entrepreneurs in need of motivation.

Here are some of the best motivational tips for work from those who know the road you’re traveling.


1. Be Grateful for What You Have

“We are often focused on what we do not have… Yet saying thank you, expressing gratitude, being grateful, is an open-hearted gesture. It is giving, from the heart. It expresses abundance and in return, it attracts abundance.”

– John Gloster-Smith, Business and Confidence Coach

  • Running a successful small business or freelance operation requires strong problem-solving skills, since you can’t simply send questions or concerns to another department. Even during the good times, this can skew your view of things negative. That’s why it’s so important to take some time each day to be grateful for what you do have.
  • A “gratitude list” is a great way to gain some perspective. Start with 20 blank spaces on a page, and keep writing until you’ve filled each space with something with something you’re grateful for. Make a list each day, or week, and you’ll force yourself to focus on ever smaller things which bring you gratitude.
  • Spend some of your time focusing specifically on work as you build your list. While entrepreneurship has its trials, you wouldn’t have chosen the path if it wasn’t also rewarding.


2. Visualize Success

“Once you have a picture, vision, or target in mind, your unconscious, your intuition, and your rational mind work together toward that end.”

– Patrick McGuinness, Performance Coach

  • Visualization is a powerful motivational tool, and an excellent way to get inspired. The key is to visualize specific successes that you hope to achieve. Make it as detailed as possible, and think about how you’ll feel, in addition to how the ultimate goal will look.
  • Even the grandest achievements in history started with the visualization of a goal. The more ambitious, the better. The tallest skyscraper still begins with a vision and a drawing. Don’t be afraid to dream big.
  • Visualizing success builds confidence and motivation, while offering an overarching end goal on which to focus. It allows you to put external worries out of mind, and place your focus instead on what you will achieve in the future.


3. Create a Positive Environment

“Create an atmosphere where employees enjoy working alongside their colleagues, where there is time for humor and fun, and take the time to be interested in their life outside work.”

– Liz Makin, Business Coach

  • As a small business owner or freelancer, you may not have the luxury of working with a large group of colleagues, but you can still creative a positive work environment. If you do work with a few other employees, draw on them for motivation, and be there to lift them up when needed.
  • If you run a one-person operation, try to connect with others in your field outside of work. Many who have built successful businesses will be happy to help others by offering their experience. Few click here motivational tools are stronger than hearing how someone else was able to successfully navigate the same challenges you are facing.
  • The internet is a valuable resource in this regard. No matter your industry, you’ll find experts with time-tested experience, willing to offer advice. You’ll also find communities dedicated to freelancers in general, and also to entrepreneurs in more specific industries.


These tips may sound simple, and that’s no accident. The best paths to motivation are usually based on simple, universal concepts.

The trick is finding a way to adapt those concepts to your unique circumstances.

As a freelancer or small business owner, you face challenges that organizational employees do not. Never forget, though, that you also get to enjoy the uniquely fulfilling gratification that comes from creating your own success. Finding motivation will always be a challenge during tough days, but it’s more than worth the effort in the end.


I would enjoy reading what motivates you. Share your favorite motivational quotes and tips in the comments or tweet them to me @trivigold.

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